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CEO: Nathaniel Harris

Hails from Brooklyn, & is famous for the number of people he helped out with Banking at JPMorgan Chase.
Founder of banksloveme.com and PR aficionado
Sales at Yahoo and JP Morgan and NYU Alumni
14+ years of experience in advertising, media and B2B



From Boston & can upgrade your Fashion wardrobe in a New York minute.
Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brown University
Fashion Enthusiast with experience in Retail And Commercial Real Estate Development



Hails from Manhattan & can out dance any celebrity on the planet.
Masters in Electrical And Computer Engineering, NYU & Research Intern at Philips Research
Industrial experience in algorithm development for Power & Web Industry and Professional dance



Hails from a Queens & is the Queen of Bank Talk.
Professional editor, copywriter and marketing communication writer

BanksLoveMe.com is a website that makes it easy to cut off bank fees and get paid to bank.

In 2011 an anonymous banker, who calls himself Nathaniel Robin Hood, one day wanted to help a friend find a free checking account. His co-worker had just quit her job at a bank where she had a checking account. Because the bank had sponsored her securities investment licenses, they took the money back from her account without notice. This left her stranded in Mexico with escalating fees. She came to Nathaniel, the famous banker among bankers, for help finding a free checking account at a different bank. He searched the web for search engines, bank websites, and news media sources to find a free checking account near her new workplace but every where he turned there was just news articles about how all banks were bad, receiving bailouts and charging fees. After 3 months of thorough investigation Nathaniel realized there are 6,600 U.S.A. FDIC insured banks offering retail banking products to consumers in America.

Bank Fun! Banking news should be about how to take advantage of banks so that they can fund your dreams and pay for your vacations. At BanksLoveMe.com we say, “Get paid to Bank.”

BanksLoveMe.com doesn’t want you to become a nerd or track banks. We want you to find the perfect bank for your needs in 7 seconds and we’ll notify you when there’s a new best bank that fits your needs.

We aggregate 39,000 Financial products from over 15,000 websites so you can party with the gifts we give you for signing up.